Dear friend,

You probably know me already if you’re reading this.

My name is Ingrid Barclay, and I’m a six-time bodybuilding and powerlifting national champion…

Four-time current World Record Holder in Masters and Open (two in each)…

First-ever Triple Crown winner in 2019…

Undefeated in 17 powerlifting competitions…

Bodybuilding judge and promoter for 20 years…

And coach extraordinaire with over 35 years of experience and an estimated 8,000 client transformations…

Which includes training Miss Universe winners and many state, national, and world record holders in powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Why am I telling you all this?

To brag?


I mean, while I’m happy with where I’m at and how I look…

That hasn’t always been the case.

Just consider the following picture:

Here’s What to Do if You’ve Tried Everything to Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life But Nothing Has Worked:
Keep reading if you’d like to…

  • Get together with me… ONE-ON-ONE and IN-PERSON… for the most insightful health and fitness experience you’ve ever had.

  • Receive a FREE consultation that’ll be all about YOU and how YOU can reach your goals in the fastest and most efficient way… while staying healthy!

  • Learn my unusual but powerful “secrets” to stop falling prey to emotional eating… so that you are in control of your food intake instead of the other way around.

  • Get a step-by-step plan customised to YOUR situation, goals, preferences, and needs… so that you can start knocking down your health and fitness goals like a set of bowling pins.

  • Take your business to the next level in case you’re a PT. I’ll teach you EVERYTHING I wish I knew when I started my PT career 35 years ago… including my #1 secret to success in this industry.

  • And more!

Join Me in Geelong and in Two to Five Days I’ll Personally, One-On-One, Teach You Everything You Need to Know to Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals
That was me in March 2014…

The personal trainer that looked like she needed a personal trainer herself.

I suffered from low energy levels…

Felt irritable and uncomfortable in my own skin…

Experienced “imposter syndrome…”

And was even known as the “fat coach.”

It made me feel hopeless and defeated…

And it made me doubt myself wherever I went.

I had hit total rock bottom.

Worse yet, at that time, my family and I got to hear that my dad had a neuron disease.

Aside from the fact that I was frightened to lose him…

He had never seen me compete.

I knew that if I didn’t get in shape rapidly, he wouldn’t be able to make it to Melbourne to see me on stage.

I wanted him to see that part of my life…

And thus I knew I had to stop “white-knuckling” and get my shit together FAST.

The problem?

While I knew how to eat and train for fantastic results…

(Mind you, I had been helping people transform their physique for 26 years at that point…)

I couldn’t implement it myself.

I didn’t have an issue staying on track with my diet most of the time…

But when negative emotions reared their ugly head, I would undo all my dieting efforts by going for an all-out binge.

That’s right, I suffered from…

There is no doubt in my mind that the single most important reason many people are overweight is because of overeating…

And a large chunk of that is due to emotional eating…

Meaning they use food to cope with emotions like stress, overwhelm, sadness, loneliness, frustration, and boredom.

This is especially common among females, although it also affects men.

I KNEW this was my problem…

But how would I overcome it?

I did it in the way I always approach things when I have a burning desire to accomplish something.

I became OBSESSED with it.

I absorbed all the information I could find on emotional eating...

Spoke to leading experts in the field…

Read dozens upon dozens of scientific studies on the topic…

And did countless self-experiments to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The result?

I developed a simple but powerful system that helped me FINALLY conquer emotional eating.

This led me to go from 84 kilos and 42% body fat to 78 kilos and 14% body fat...

Causing me to win both state and national physique titles.

Emotional Eating

Best of all?

My dad was able to see me on stage and CRUSH IT!

(You should’ve seen the proudness on his face.)

Here’s a photo of us on stage after winning the NABBA Victorian State Titles:

Looking at this photo still brings tears to my eyes…

And some of them are rolling over my cheeks right now while I’m writing this to you.

(Gosh, I’m a softie.)

Now, while most people think such results are not achievable for them…

The truth is, I'm NOT blessed with fantastic genes.

I had to work hard, differently, and smart to reach my fitness goals.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in a rut...

To have NO clue if you're training and dieting correctly…

To take many “before” photos without ever reaching the desired “after” ones…

To want to resign yourself to being fat and overweight…

And to have about every other problem most people grapple with.

Fortunately, there is hope.

In fact, when I started to use my “cure emotional eating” blueprint with clients…

The results were PHENOMENAL!

A case in point, Yvonne Mayzilis lost 31 kilos and 23% body fat at age 60.

Mary Ciuffetelli from Geelong lost 17 kilos in four months and felt comfortable enough in her own body to wear shorts for the first time in 28 years!
Peter Kichakov from Geelong lost 60 kilos in 36 weeks and 13 inches from his waistline:

Matt Fizley from Drysdale lost 18 kilos in 16 weeks while gaining pounds of muscle:

Simone lost 25 kilos and 22% body fat in 12 months while reversing all her medical problems and beating a brain tumour:

Here’s what she said about the experience:

“Ingrid saved my life. She saved me from myself. Now she is as integral to my life as brushing my teeth. Words cannot possibly articulate how instrumental she has been. Since working with her I have:

  • gone from morbidly obese to normal, healthy weight
  • gotten off blood pressure, cholesterol and heart medication
  • stopped justifying all of my excuses
  • kept a gratitude diary
  • stopped completely all emotional eating
  • survived and left an abusive relationship
  • competed in my first powerlifting competition

“And I am far from done. Everyone should have Ingrid in their corner. She isn’t just a “strength coach”. She is a life coach, and truly outstanding.

“Don’t even deliberate if you are considering her as your coach. Call me if you want and I will tell you more (0448899173). Or just sign up. You will not regret it.”

Pretty impressive, huh?

The only question is…
Will You Be Next?

Today, I’d like to use the experiences and countless hours of studying I’ve undergone to help you achieve your goals…

Whether that is losing fat…

Building muscle…

Getting stronger…

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin…

Preparing for a bodybuilding or powerlifting contest…

Increasing your confidence and resilience…

Becoming a better and more successful PT…

Or improving your general health and well-being and feeling more energised.

No matter your goal, I can help you achieve it.


You should be!

Coaches and trainers are a dime a dozen…

And while most of them have their heart in the right place…

The truth is that most trainers suck.

Fortunately, the proof is in the pudding.

While you’ve already seen some of the amazing transformations my clients have undergone…

Here are a couple more to show you’re in good hands:

Rachel Dorans from Geelong lost 20 kilos in 12 weeks and a whopping 20% body fat:

Miss Universe Suberbody Winner Renata Stojanovski weighed 12 kilos heavier in 2016 (right photo) and was 5% leaner than in 2009 (left photo):
Kerry Holmes, a deaf mother of seven kids with bursitis, a frozen shoulder, and recovering from cancer wanted to compete… and so she did!
Four coaches rejected Kerry.

They didn’t want to work with her due to the complicated situation.

But together we made her dream come true!

“Ingrid Is a Powerful Asset to Anyone at Any Level and She Is Full of Heart and Passion”

“I used to wonder how some women on social media could lift so heavy, I wanted that combo of lean and strong so Ingrid showed me the way.

“Ingrid and Recomposer took my strength to another level.

“I ate all the foods I loved, including lots of white potatoes. I never felt hungry. I consistently got stronger and it improved my body composition. It was absolutely brilliant.

“My knowledge has grown from Ingrid’s leadership. She makes lifting fun, achievable, and ever-challenging, and it’s great to explore varied program styles and combinations.

“She can make you strong inside and out, and she gets you so excited about what you can achieve.

“I always devoted myself fully to her ideas and learned so much about myself in the process.

“Ingrid is a powerful asset to anyone at any level and she is full of heart and passion.

“Ingrid’s guidance and support have enriched my life in so many ways and I’m forever grateful for everything she has done for me.”

– Leanne Glowery, Swan Hill

“You Are a Fantastic Coach, Mentor, and Friend”

“I want you to know how grateful I am to have found you, Ingrid.

“This year has been simply amazing for me, learning so much about nutrition, my body, and making the comp prep process truly an enjoyable and exciting one.

“I have gradually worked towards competing again with so much motivation, drive, and happiness.

“The support, guidance, and expertise you have shown me have blown me away. Not once have I doubted my decision to be part of Team BC or to compete.

“Even though I've only had a few months to prepare, I have reached my goal- to be fitter, stronger, and all-round healthier than last year.

“I KNOW I will be able to see a huge improvement in these comps to last year, and that is what I aimed for.

“I have had a few moments where I've needed to keep my head straight, mainly training around an injury and mainly being patient with myself and reminding myself I'm doing my best.

“You are a fantastic coach, mentor, and friend. I am thrilled to represent team BC in the next few weeks and I hope I make you proud!”

“Thank you for everything Ingrid.”

– Jen Carrington, Cairns

“I Have Learned a Lot From Ingrid.
Her Knowledge Is Amazing and She Inspires Me”

“I signed up to Ingrid Barclay to get healthier as I was just put on cholesterol tablets and I wanted to lose weight.

“For the first time in my life I had skin folds taken. I was really nervous about getting my skin folds at the end of week 1 but I was so excited to have a really good loss of 17 mls.

“I changed my diet. I eat protein at each meal and I increased my vegetable intake. I started doing a beginners program. It was three weight sessions a week.

“I didn't do any cardio. I continued to lose skin folds every week. I have lost a total of 100.1 mls of body fat in 16 weeks. I'm SO excited about that.

“My cholesterol has come down. I have arthritis and a tear in the meniscus in my right knee. I was given the option of having surgery. I chose not to have it. I'm happy that my knee has been a lot better since training under Ingrid.

“I have got new goals to continue my weight loss and do a push/pull powerlifting comp. I have learned a lot from Ingrid. Her knowledge is amazing and she inspires me.”

– Jacinta Spadon, Corio

No Matter How Genetically "Cursed"
You Might Think You Are...

Introducing: the Reinvent Yourself Workshop

When you have over 8,000 client transformations under your belt...

You'll get a LOT of data on what works and what doesn't.

But that data isn't the big discovery.

The big discovery is how I ultimately cracked the code on turning out-of-shape people into fit and eye-catching figures... over and over again.

Now, here's what's really amazing:

Even though the process is fairly simple...

And even though I've used it to train two Miss Universe winners and dozens of bodybuilding and powerlifting champions...

The fact remains that you and I have an incredible advantage because...

These Jam-Packed Workshops Last Two to Five Days Depending on the Package You Choose and Will Be All About YOU

Some things you’ll do are:

  • discover your full potential. (The truth is that you can do much more than what you do right now. Together, we’ll unlock that.)

  • extend yourself on a steep learning curve. (These days will be filled with lessons that’ll benefit you for the rest of your life.)

  • be educated on everything relevant to achieving your desired outcome. (And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING… ranging from nutrition and exercise to sleep and lifestyle and from business and your career path to mindset and everything in between.)

  • break bad habits and routines. (While the step-by-step formula I use for this might be somewhat controversial, it’s incredibly effective.)

  • have fun. (You won't be bored for a single minute... and if we have the time for it, I’ll even show you the most beautiful scenery you can find in Geelong.)

  • propel your confidence through the roof. (You’ll feel better in your own skin and more confident you can achieve your health, fitness, and career goals… and, just as important, maintain them.)

  • and much more!

This Intensive Workshop
 Sojourn Package Includes:

  • One-on-one coaching and training with me

  • Accommodation, staying, and living with me in my lovely and modern home in Geelong

  • An on-site, fully equipped, and private boutique gymnasium with fully-fledged powerlifting and bodybuilding equipment and an outdoor area. (The entire space will be for us two.)

  • All meals catered for. Healthy, nourishing, and metabolically precise, of course

  • A Welcome Gift with items you’ll use during your exciting stay

  • The Reinvent Yourself Nutrition Handbook. (This will be your nutrition Bible moving forward!)

  • The Ingrid Barclay Training Diary

  • The Ingrid Barclay Cookfest Book

  • The Insight into the Cardiovascular Excellence eBook

  • The Novice Powerlifting eBook

  • The PT Success Guide

  • Pick up and drop off from the airport

  • A VERY special surprise gift you’ll get within seven days of your stay. (You’re going to LOVE it!)

  • An all–inclusive aftercare package with bonuses, gifts, and customised services to ensure you’ll continue to maximise your results after the workshop has ended

This Experience Will be 100% Customised to YOU and YOUR Situation, Goals, Needs, and Preferences

This is NOT your usual run-of-the-mill workshop.

Instead, we'll tailor everything to what is ideal for YOU.

To do so, we’ll first jump on a call to go through your situation…

And cover things like where you’re currently at, what you’ve already done, and what you want to accomplish moving forward.

Then, once we have these “raw materials” in place…

We’ll together come up with the best schedule for this exclusive workshop.

For this, you can choose from fourteen options…

And you can select as many of them as you like.

During the free consulting session, I can help you decide on which of these options is best for you…

Based on your situation, needs, budget, time schedule, and preferences…

But before we do that, let me give you an overview of the options that are available.

And no matter how lost you might feel after trying and abandoning many workout and diet routines, personal trainers, coaches, and other strategies…


You CAN have that lean, strong, and sexy figure of your dreams…

And that's why I'm excited to talk to you about the following:

Hardly Anyone is Using it!

And the reason for that is simple:

I've never shared it all publicly…

…until today!

Now, I'm willing to hand you the exact "blueprint" for your health and fitness success...

And I'm willing to do that together with you one-on-one here in Geelong, Australia.

That’s right…

I’ve set aside some time to provide you with an exclusive workshop where I “spill the beans.”

Option 1: Getting to Know You (Mandatory)

Time Required: 2 Hours

This is mandatory, because to help you, I would first need to understand your situation.

That’s why we’ll take care of things like:

  • filling out a Health and Medical Pro Forma Questionnaire.

  • measuring your body fat percentage and lean body mass with a nine-site skinfold calliper test. (This will show us how much time you’ll need to achieve the physique you want.)

  • examining your body shape, which includes feedback on flaws in symmetry and how to train to improve it (if desired).

  • taking “before” photos, which we’ll do in front of a white screen with a quality camera. You’ll receive them via email as a reference for your journey.

  • discussing your goals. For this, we’ll use my unconventional but powerful and science-based goal-setting formula.

  • breaking down your goals into timelines so you know what to expect and how to track your progress.

  • dialoguing on how to stay accountable and not “fall off the wagon.”

Plus, you’ll get a 100% customised workout program.

This program is tailored to what is optimal for YOU…

Based on YOUR situation, goals, needs, and preferences…

So that you can progress in the fastest, healthiest, and most efficient way.

Option 2: Program Technique Session

(Highly Recommended, even if you’re an experienced trainee.)

Time required: 1.5 hours

This is our opportunity to go through every exercise I have prescribed for you.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to maximise the benefits of every exercise you do while avoiding injuries.

If you think you already do every exercise with proper form, you’ll be in for a surprise.

I rarely, if ever, see anyone do a single exercise I cannot improve…

Even if it’s just a “simple” standing barbell curl…

Let alone a lat pulldown where 99% of people rely on their arms instead of their lats.

This will be an enlightening 90 minutes…

And you’ll be most thankful you opted to do this…

Because the tips, tricks, and cues you’ll learn will help you get the most out of your workouts for years or even decades to come.

Option 3: Nutrition Education & Creating an Individualised Nutrition Plan

Time required: 2 Hours

First, we’ll do a metabolic classification quiz to assess the current state of your metabolism.

We’ll discuss what you’ve tried thus far…

Whether you have food sensitivities and proclivities…

The foods you have access to…

What you enjoy eating…

And what foods will ensure you reach your goals.

It won’t matter if you’re a vegan, vegetarian, octovarian, or otherwise…

Because there are many ways to get lean, and we’ll find the one that suits you.

Nor will it matter if you are:

  • The Thinker (you tend to overthink, which leads to stress and mood swings and can derail your eating patterns).

  • The Craver (your heightened experiences of cravings can lead to overeating in a variety of ‘tricky’ situations).

  • The Foodie (food is on your mind 24/7, and you love making, eating, and experiencing it).

  • The Socialiser (flexibility is essential for you, and you won’t let firm food restrictions stifle your social life).

  • The Freewheeler (you’re spontaneous and impulsive and tend to make choices in the here-and-now).

I’m not a one-trick pony and won’t treat you as such.

You are a very rare snowflake :)

And it won’t matter what food issues and health problems you may have.

Furthermore, we’ll devise a backup plan because I believe there is always a plan B!

I’ll teach you some of my “secrets” only clients get access to…

We’ll create an approach you feel is doable and right for you…

We’ll work out what, when, and how much you need to eat daily to achieve your goals…

And we’ll perform a quiz before you leave to ensure you understand the information…

Meaning you’ll be able to use it for the rest of your life.

For this quiz, we’ll first go through each chapter of the Reinvent Yourself program…

And then run through key questions and answers to ensure you understand it all.

While the quiz is informal, we’ll JAM-PACK this workshop with valuable information…

So that you return home feeling nutritionally emboldened.

No longer will you experience guesswork or suffer from mental gymnastics.

Option 4: Pinnacle Exercise Technique Session

Time required: 1 hour

The squat, bench press, and deadlift are staple exercises in most effective workout programs…

And that’s for good reasons.

But there’s one problem:

Most people don’t perform the exercises correctly.

That not only increases their risk of injury but also blunts the results they get from the movements.

It’s time to change this.

In this hour, you can choose from the bench press, squat, or deadlift…

And I’ll help you become a superstar in that lift.

Whether it's your first time doing the exercise or you've been performing it for years…
We’ll take it to the next level.

You'll walk away from this technique session feeling far more confident with the bar…

So that you can set yourself up for amazing personal bests in the gym (and the platform if you wish!).

Option 5: Pinnacle Exercise Technique Session 2

Time required: 1 hour

If you’d like to do another technique session to work on another exercise…

You’re more than welcome to do so…

Whether that’s for the squat, bench press, or deadlift.

I can almost guarantee that over this weekend, you’ll set new personal bests in each of the three key lifts.

Option 6: Two Body Part Training Session

Time required: 1 Hour

Now let's see how you handle an actual workout…

By going through one of the sessions included in your exercise routine.

I have never met someone who is not undertraining, as in, they are not training as hard as they can and should.

Let me show you what you are capable of…

And let's lift the bar in a way you'll feel confident doing so long after you’ve left the workshop.

I guarantee we’ll take your training to a level you never thought possible.

Option 7: Different Two Body Part Training Session:

Time required: 1 hour

The same as Option 6 but for two different body parts.

Option 8: ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) practical session:

Option 9: End Emotional Eating Course

Time required: 3 hours

Your emotional relationship with food will likely be the difference between success or failure on your fitness journey.

We each have a complex set of beliefs and emotional connections to food as unique as our fingerprints.

And to develop a relationship with food that keeps you healthy and fit…

You must understand those beliefs and connections and how you use food outside of your physical needs…

Because the truth is, in today's society, we use food for many reasons outside of energy needs and building material.

We use food as the centrepiece of social gatherings…

We use it for comfort, to get good feelings, and to cope with bad ones…

And for some people, food is the central focus of their lives.

There's no denying food can be one of life's great pleasures…

And to deny ourselves of the experiences food can provide is counterproductive in the long term.

That's why it's essential to avoid "all or none thinking" like "I'm either completely on or completely off my diet."

We need to allow ourselves enough lenience for our favourite foods so that we won’t feel deprived…

But also demand enough compliance to constructive eating to ensure we reach our health and fitness goals.

That's what you'll learn to do in the "End Emotional Eating" course.

We'll cover things like how to:

  • find the hidden factors that sabotage your nutrition plan… and what you can do about them.

  • use belief power instead of willpower to transform your body and create a healthy relationship with food.

  • use the AWARE principles, which are five powerful steps to overcome emotional eating.

  • identify limiting beliefs and replace them with new, more constructive ones.

  • optimise your social inventory (you are who you surround yourself with).

  • distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger (most people get this wrong)... and what you should do with it.

  • combat negativity and avoid succumbing to peer-group pressures.

  • and much more!

As a result, you’ll learn to:

  • identify your self-concept and know what it is

  • understand how your self-concept affects your behaviour

  • identify triggers both in and out of your control

  • combat the triggers that lead you to binge

  • replace old habits with new ones

  • identify core beliefs about food… and replace them if necessary

  • recognize your roadblocks

  • undergo a social inventory

  • have a plan of attack and positive statements you can use in stressful situations

  • create a new 'self-belief' system

  • use tools and strategies that can end emotional eating forever

  • develop and complete your "Picture Card" – the most important piece of this process!

The result?

You’ll start to be in control of your food intake instead of the other way around…

Which means you'll be less prone to emotional eating…

Leading to superior health and fitness results.

Time required: 25 minutes max

Let me let you in on a little "secret" (if you can even call it that):

If you're a sports model, figure girl, or someone who just wishes to get lean…

You do NOT want nor need to spend hours toiling away on the treadmill to "burn fat."

It’s pointless, and there is a much better way.

That better way is called ICE (intense cardio exercise).

I'll teach you what ICE is all about and how you can use it most effectively.

Plus, we'll do an ICE session you’ve NEVER done before.

Even though such a workout is powerful for fat loss, I must warn you… this is NOT for the faint of heart.

The session will only take about 18 to 20 minutes…

But you'll be gasping for air, your muscles will be shaking, and it'll be one of the most brutal workouts you've ever done.

That said, it'll be worth it.

Option 10: Core Session

Time required: 1 Hour

Strength athletes and trainees who want to get strong and aesthetic don’t do a lot of sit-ups and crunches.


Because your core is best trained with movements where it works as a stabiliser instead of a mover.

So, instead of spending time on dynamic ab exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, and leg raises…

It’s better to use options like farmer walks, suitcase carries, and the pallof press…

Which are excellent movements because they teach proper core stiffness.

After going through this masterclass, you’ll know EVERYTHING you need to know about core training…

And how you can use it for your workout programs moving forward.

Learning this information will not only help your midsection look more aesthetic…

But it’ll also benefit your strength and reduce the risk of lower back pain and injuries.

Option 11: PT Business Mentoring

If you're a personal trainer and want to take your business to the next level...

Or if you're thinking about starting as a PT...

This masterclass is for you!

I’ll teach you EVERYTHING I wish I knew when I started my PT career 35 years ago…

Including my #1 key to success in this industry. (This allows me to enjoy an excellent quality of life.)

You'll also get an in-depth but easy-to-digest manual that covers all the six major success tools…

And we will work through them together, one-on-one.

This manual includes three bonus sections that can lift your business to the next level…

No matter if you’re starting from scratch or are a PT veteran with hundreds of clients under your belt.

This is your chance to learn from my many mistakes so that you don’t have to make them yourself…

Which will save you a lot of time, money, and, at times, embarrassment.

(I’ll tell you about my most embarrassing PT experience if you promise not to laugh 
too hard at me 😅.)

Option 12: Creating a Cover Letter and CV and Practising the Interview

Okay, okay…

I’ll tell you about my little “secret.”

Over the last decade, I’ve not only helped people achieve their health and fitness goals…

But I also helped clients land their dream job by writing their CVs and improving their interview skills.

It started as a result of helping a PT client that was looking for a new career.

Given the fast and excellent results we achieved, I went on to help more people with this.

I’ve since created many CVs for clients…

And while I haven’t tracked my “hit rate…”

Virtually all of them almost immediately secured interviews, and nine out of ten landed the job they were seeking.

So, if you’re looking for a new job, I’d love to help you out.

I’ll significantly improve your current CV or write it from scratch…

And I can do this regardless of the industry you’re in…

Although my main expertise is in the health and fitness world.

Here’s what others have said about this service:

“I Am Delighted to Tell You, I Got the Job!”

"Thank you, Ingrid. This couldn't have come at a better time.

“I am delighted to tell you, I got the job!

“You did a great job.

“Thank you so much.”

– Julie Meikle, Geelong

“You Drew Out My Skills and Attributes Expertly”

"Ingrid, thank you for your amazing CV and cover letter.

“You drew out my skills and attributes expertly.

“I became quite emotional when I read the cover letter.

“I had almost forgotten all the skills I have, after being out of the workforce since having my son.

“It actually gave me a real boost of confidence."

– Belle Connor, Geelong
“Ingrid Improved My CV and Cover Letter by 100%”

“Ingrid improved my CV and Cover letter by 100%.

“Both professional and highly skilled, she re-wrote them exactly how I wanted them to read.”

– Tracy Goddard, Melbourne

“I Landed an Apprenticeship With A Local Family-Run Business”

"I wanted a change of career and employed Ingrid to re-write my CV and cover letter.

“I applied for a job as a dental technician, my first application post Ingrid.

“I landed an apprenticeship with a local family-run business.

“I highly recommend Ingrid for doing incredible cover letters."

– Brett Woodcock, Lara

Besides, You Have the Opportunity to Get the Best Massage Experience You’ve Ever Had

A bold claim?


But let me explain.

The Reinvent Yourself workshop is NOT a cakewalk.

The days are going to be fast-moving…

And you’ll receive A LOT of value and new information.

That’s why, at the end of the day, I’ll have a special treat for you…

The most rejuvenating massage experience you’ve ever had.

This will not only help you get rid of tension and worries…

Which will make you sleep like a baby at night…

But it’ll also help you recover faster from your workouts and reduce soreness…

So that you can tackle the next day with utmost vigour and enthusiasm.

Now, you might be wondering…

“Ingrid, I didn’t know you gave massages. Aren’t you a trainer?”

Well, here’s the deal:

I’ve always LOVED massages my entire life…

And since massages boost athletic performance and recovery from workouts…

I completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage at Victoria University.

I learned from Hailey Kelson, which is one of the – if not the – best masseur in the country…

And now, I’d like to use that knowledge and experience to pamper you with one of two types of massages…

A relaxation massage that is soothing and tranquil…

Or a more rigorous massage that’ll benefit your performance and flexibility, improve blood flow, and boost recovery.

Best of all?

Regardless of the type of massage you prefer…

I use Young Living Essential Oils, which is the gold standard for massage oils.

Many masseurs use cheap and synthetic oils to save a couple of bucks.

Not me!

While the oils I use cost me an arm and a leg…

I see top-quality oil as imperative to the relaxation of a therapeutic massage.

That’s why I’ll let the essential oils take you on a sensory journey that creates a calming and balancing atmosphere within seconds.

Whether it’s a single, potent oil that elevates your spirit…

Or a blended formula with a specific use case, such as enhancing mental clarity…

I will cater it to your unique needs.

Also, I’ll let you try a bottle of my favourite mix, NingXia Red…

A blend of superfruit juices and pure Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils.

This powerful juice concentrate also includes wolfberry, blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum….

And it energises, fortifies, and revitalises the body from head to toe.

Is This Something Your Might be Interested in?

If so, there are two things I want to you do.

(Seriously, don't apply before you check out the itinerary.)

Then, if you liked what you saw, let’s set aside some time to discuss the details. 

I’d love to chat with you… 

So we can figure out if this workshop fits you well. 

With that being said…

Here’s How the Process Works:

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a big button with the text “schedule my free consultation.”

Click on that button and fill out the short questionnaire that appears.

If you meet the strict (but reasonable) criteria, we’ll hop on a call together.

We’ll get to know each other…

I’ll figure out what you want to accomplish…

Answer some of your most burning health and fitness questions...

Provide you with valuable insights you can instantly use to improve your results...

And we’ll see if you're a good fit for the two-to-five-day workshop.

It's that simple.

Now, if you’re worried I’m going to “hard sell” you into joining the workshop…

Let me make one thing crystal clear…

You’ll NEVER Receive a Sales Pitch in Disguise!


If we’re a good fit and you want to join the exclusive workshop, I’d be happy to.

But if you don't, that’s also fine.

It truly is that simple.

I won’t pressure, cajole, or hassle you into anything…

And even if you don’t want to join the workshop, we can still be friends.

This will just be a friendly chat between us…

Where I show you I can help you by actually helping you.

In fact, I’m so sure this will be a game-changer for you that…

If You Believe This Free Consulting Session Isn’t One of the Most Valuable Health and Fitness Experience You’ve Ever Had, I’ll Send You $50 for “Wasting Your Time”

Think about it.

You’ll probably never see such a fantastic offer from another quality trainer
ever again.

I’ll personally help you with your health and fitness goals… for FREE...

And if you feel like I’ve wasted your time, I’ll pay you $50.

Just tell me and it’s yours.

No questions asked.

Which Other Trainer Would Do That?

None of them.

I checked.

But I'm willing to put things on the line like this…

Because I know this may be the most valuable experience you've ever had for your health and fitness results.

“Whilst prepping for my first competition, I decided to visit Ingrid in Geelong. I stayed at her place for three nights.

“Whyalla doesn't have a bodybuilding gym so it was really good to have equipment I usually don’t have access to.

“Ingrid was extremely hospitable. Her technique sessions were incredible. My lifting technique improved ten-fold in three days. In particular my whole bench set up but also lifts like bent-over rows and military press.

“When I got back to Whyalla I had a few regulars at my training time pass comment on my new (and improved) lifting style.

“Also, while over there Ingrid took me to Coles and we spent an hour there reading labels, especially in the "healthy" aisle. Well, that was an eye-opener!

“We also dined out on the waterfront at a nice restaurant and Ingrid talked about how many of the dishes I could order and still be eating metabolically precise meals.

“From bubble baths each night to Ingrid's mum's quiche to journalling of an evening with respect to food demons and strategies to her dogs Mac and Milly - it was the best three days.

“Ingrid taught me so much from morning until night. The one main thing I recall is Ingrid's patience. She never once made me feel silly, inferior or like a beginner. She puts things in ways that make you feel empowered and that you ‘get it.’

“If you are thinking of visiting Ingrid in Geelong, think of it like "turbo-charging" your progress in light-years. I am glad I organised time off work to ‘just do it.’”

– Simone, Whyalla

“If You Are Thinking of Visiting Ingrid in Geelong, Think of It Like ‘Turbo-Charging’ Your Progress in Light-Years”

"I decided I wanted to do a photoshoot to help keep me on track. I was uncomfortable with my weight and I lacked confidence with my weight training, even though I was studying to be a PT.

“The best thing I did was travel to Geelong and train with Ingrid Barclay for 3 days. That was my turning point.

“After spending quality time with my idol I learned so much and I felt a lot more in control of my career as a personal trainer as I doubted myself so much all the time.

“What Ingrid taught me was priceless. It's hard to put into words. The training confidence I left with was invigorating. I had a new kind of attitude.

“She has this saying that I tell myself now: ‘Don't let the bar own you - you own the damned bar!’ I love this. Ingrid is remarkable in the way she can make you feel.

“I had a ball on my photoshoot, wearing some quirky outfits and being girlie. I feel comfy within myself and I learned so many little tips and tricks from Ingrid personal training wise.

“I highly recommend anyone to spend time with her, her knowledge is insane.”

– Christina Stebbing, Newcastle. Lost 9 kilos in 10 weeks

“The Best Thing I Did Was Travel to Geelong And Train with Ingrid Barclay for 3 Days”

“Ingrid has the magic sprinkle of firm, educative, caring and good timing.

“She coaxed my body lean, not forced it.

“I've competed before but nowhere in this condition.

“Anyone who wants to achieve leanness needs Ing in their corner".

– Ji Cottrill, Geelong. Lost 15 kilos and 13% body fat in 16 weeks

“Ingrid Has the Magic Sprinkle Of
Firm, Educative, Caring and Good Timing”

"I chose Ingrid to coach me after following FIO for a couple of years. I liked her forthright approach.

“She was always speedy with her email responses and I liked the way my diet was tweaked weekly according to the week's results. That made sense to me.

“I ended up doing two seasons under her and got into better shape the second time as she knew how I responded to certain foods better. Her training programs were really solid and enjoyable."

– Rebecca Tobler, Canberra. Lost 8 kilos in 12 weeks
“Her Training Programs Were
Really Solid and Enjoyable”

"Thank you, Ingrid.

“I am so proud of what I have achieved.

“It wouldn't have been possible without all of your support and knowledge.

“I have fallen in love with training and can't tell you how happy I am."

– Anna Kichakov, Geelong. Lost over 30 kilos in 40 weeks

“I Have Fallen in Love With Training And Can’t Tell You How Happy I Am”

“While Ingrid provides a very personable online training service, it pales into insignificance compared to being in the gym with her in person.

“I have been in gyms for a few years but I was like a dry sponge thrown into a full bucket of water. I soaked up so much not only information but observations about a variety of things.

“Little things like she had always campaigned for me to drink around three litres of water. I noticed Ingrid drank it all day long. And that she would eat when she needed to regardless of what she was doing.

“I Would Fly From Anywhere in the World To Stay With Her for a Few Days”

“Even looking at the supplements that she had on top of the microwave. It’s all very interesting when you get to see exactly what your coach does and how they live.

“I like her instruction style. I would imagine she changes according to the client but I always found she could find a cue or an analogy to have something make sense to me. So, lightbulbs were flashing all day long.

“Ingrid has this uncanny ability to push you hard whilst being encouraging and patient. Each of the three nights we had some terrific conversations. She even showed me the backend of Recomposer and how it all works.

“I also went through her emotional eating course because that had become a recent problem.

“The AWARE principle is fantastic and I love that she was able to show and tell me EXACTLY what to do when I want to go to the cupboard and eat pastries (my nemesis). I don’t binge often anymore and now know what I need to do to curb it.

“Ingrid is a wonderful host, lovely home, gorgeous gym fur babies, and metabolically precise meals always on hand. I would fly from anywhere in the world to stay with her for a few days.

“Your visit will not compare to the internet, books, the average “personal trainer”, not even the average coach. She is your fitness and physique sherpa.

“She guides you through your personal complicated fitness problems, identifies your blind spots, and shows you new opportunities for growth. Spend. Time. With. Her.”

– Connie Pretula, Vancouver, Canada

Now, Before You Apply, Let Me Be Brutally Honest

If you want to join the workshop, that won't be cheap.

Not crazily expensive either, but also not cheap.

A service of such calibre just can't be offered at a rock-bottom price.

Now, I'm sure it'll be worth the investment.

In fact, I've had people say the workshop would be worth at least $10,000.

But the good news is that it's not that expensive.

Depending on the package you select...

It might not even be half of that amount.

That's because in total we're talking about $3,000 to $6,000 for the two-to-five-day workshop.

So, it's not cheap…

But it's also not crazily expensive.

I mean, consider the following:

How much is it worth to you to not have “fat days” anymore… so that you can go to your wardrobe and choose anything knowing it’ll fit comfortably and look good?

How much is it worth to you to never have to worry about not knowing what to eat or how to train?

And how much would it be worth it to you to FINALLY reach your health and fitness goals…

Knowing that you'll be in complete control of your results and physique?

I can't judge for you, but for many people, that is PRICELESS.

Also, please note that it's worth it to invest in yourself.

Many mothers and women in general feel "guilty" when spending money and time on themselves.

They always put others first…

And as a result, often sacrifice their own health, well-being, and personal development.

If that represents you, let me make one thing crystal clear:

You DO Deserve This!

Investing in yourself will not only benefit you and your life…

But it’ll also positively impact everyone around you.

When you're healthy and in shape, you set a positive example to the people you love the most…

And as a result, you might encourage them to also partake in a similar journey.

Besides, if you know the principles and methods of proper nutrition…

That’ll not only benefit you but also the people you eat with, including your children (if you have any).

Children deserve to have access to healthy foods that are good for them…

And while almost all mothers have good intentions, they often feed their children unhealthy meals…

Simply because they don't know any better.

Today, all of this can change…

Because I’m going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition for your health and fitness success.

What's more, this investment might even save you money in the long run.

That's because when you reclaim your health and well-being, you're less likely to get sick, which means a reduced healthcare bill…

And you'll experience higher energy levels, which will benefit every area of your life, including your career (if that's your thing).

So, yes…


That being said…

This Offer is NOT for Everybody!

I am open to all nationalities, genders, religions, cultures, and people from all walks of life.

There is no judgment in those respects at all.

But there are a few strict (but reasonable) criteria you'll need to meet to qualify.

Here they are:

You MUST be coachable and follow instructions.

(Don't worry, I won't ask you to do anything weird… at least not THAT weird ;)

After all, if you don't follow my advice, we'd be wasting each other's time.

So, if you already think you know it all, this is NOT for you.

Alcoholics and drinkers are welcome but ONLY when willing to stop drinking or at least drink less.

This is not for you if you're unwilling to change your drinking habits.

You MUST be willing to set realistic timelines.

What I tell people is NOT sexy…

And it is often not what they want to hear…

But it is truthful.

While I know we can achieve impressive results together…

This WON'T work if you're looking for a magic bullet to go from chubby to fitness supermodel in three days.

Transforming your physique (and your life) takes time.

You MUST be willing to open up.

Honest dialogue is imperative.

Without it, we have nothing to work with.

That's why this is NOT for those who are not ready to call themselves out on their own bullshit.

You MUST be ready to see things for what they are…

And you MUST be willing to share your situation, past, and emotions with me.

This is NOT for those with conflicting goals.

"I want to run the Boston marathon, become a powerlifting champion, and win a bodybuilding competition… all while eating everything I want."

Uhmm… NO.

That won't fly.

That's it!

Those are all the requirements.

If you meet them, we'll make a good fit.

Now, there is one more thing I have to make crystal clear:

This Opportunity Won't Last Forever!

And that's not false scarcity.

This offer is extremely limited because I can only work with a handful of clients at a time.

Don't blame me, I don't make the rules around here!!!



Wait, maybe I do make the rules around here.

Eh, fine, you got me there 🤷‍♂️.

Point is, this isn't a gimmick.

Such workshops take up an ENORMOUS amount of my weekly bandwidth.

And while I LOVE to work with my clients…

I have to be realistic.

There are only a certain number of clients I can bring in without becoming overwhelmed…

And I will NEVER sacrifice the high standards I've set for this service at ANY cost.

So, if you think this might be the right choice for you...

Click the button below and let's talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I go to Geelong?

It’s simple.

If you travel from Melbourne, it’s only one hour by car…

And I’ll have a parking spot for you on my property where your car will be safe.

If you travel from another place, Geelong has an airport, and I’ll pick you up there.

Q: Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes :)

Your dog (or dogs) are more than welcome.

Q: I’m a vegetarian or vegan. Is this workshop still okay for me?

While I prefer to work with meat-eaters (meat has benefits for body composition and performance), vegetarians and vegans are welcome.

Q: I have a friend who wants to do the weekend with me. Is this possible?


No problem.

You’ll each have a room with a double bed and share a bathroom.

We can coordinate the workshops and conduct everything two-on-one.

This will reduce the cost by $500 per person.

Q: Can males do the Reinvent Yourself Intensive?

Of course.

This suits both males and females.

Q: I have a lot of food sensitivities. Is this an issue?

Absolutely not.

Your food requests will be catered for…

And I’ll ask you to fill out a lifestyle snapshot to make sure I’m familiar with your food tolerances.

Q: What will I need to pack for my stay?

You’ll need to bring training clothes.

If you have a weight belt, straps, or wraps, bring those too.

Anything you usually train with.

You’ll need PJs, toiletries, and hiking boots (if you have opted for the You Yangs hike).

A cap possibly.

A camera, if you don’t have one on your phone.

And if you’re doing some form of emotional eating, bring a journal.

I’ll provide everything else you’ll need.

Q: In which gym will we train?

We’ll have access to an on-site and fully equipped private boutique gymnasium with a wide range of powerlifting and bodybuilding equipment…

And the entire facility will be for us two alone.

Here’s a photo of me in the gym:



Cable stations…

Medicine balls…

You name it…

It has everything we need.

Q: Will I have any downtime?

The idea of your stay is to fit in as much learning as possible.

That’s why we’ll take our time for the workshops…

So you can soak up the information.

That said, there are small gaps for rest…

And we may, depending on the options you choose, have time to sneak in a movie on Netflix one evening.

Of course, you’ll also have enough time to soak in your deep, luxurious bath for as long as you wish!

In fact, for your early morning rises, I’ll gift you some Easy Breeze Awakening Shower Steamers.

The crisp and effervescent scent of the peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils will drift through warm steam…

Filling your shower with a rejuvenating aroma.

They will infuse your morning with a refreshing, luxurious, and spa-like experience…

So that your day will be off to a wonderful start.

Then, at the end of the day, I’ll have another treat for you…

This time in the form of a Lavender Calming Bath Bomb…

Which is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Whether you are mentally pooped from so much learning stimulation…

Or physically bombed from training…

These are the perfect bath additions.

These natural bath bombs has no colourants, synthetic preservatives, parabens, or animal-derived components…

And only contains mineral-rich and skin-loving ingredients…

So that you’ll have a true “ooh la la” experience.

Q: Who else will be in your home during my stay?

I live on my own with two gorgeous Staffordshire terriers, Mac and Rollo, and a cat named Kruze.

They’re all chilled, friendly, and well-behaved…

But be warned… they are “pat whores.”

Q: Can I see more success stories of the clients you’ve trained?

Of course.

Kylie Mitchem from Bacchus Marsh lost 14 kilos and 17% body fat in 20 weeks.

Mat Hay from Geelong lost 13 kilos in 12 weeks:
Andrea Skews lost 8 kilos and 8% body fat during her 8-week contest prep:
Dee Verral from Adelaide lost 13 kilos and 18% body fat in 20 weeks.
Keith Kitz from Hoppers Crossing lost 10 kilos in 12 weeks:
Helen Donnelly from Werribee lost 22 kilos in 24 weeks:
Amy Bennett from Geelong lost 25 kilos in 14 months:
Tammy Manie from Brisbane lost 21 kilos and 18% body fat in 18 months:
Lydia White from Ballarat lost 11.5 kilos in 12 weeks:
Sheryl Cole from Bacchus Marsh gained 2.8 kilos of muscle while losing 7% body fat in 20 weeks:
Ross Wall from Karratha lost 15 kilos of body fat while gaining three kilos of muscle:
Bridie Kennedy from Geelong lost 10 kilos in 12 weeks:
Lorrell Arocaci from Geelong lost 18 kilos in 8 months… while working full-time as a pizza maker!
Treena Sanders from Aubury lost over 50 kilos in 18 months and stepped on stage... even though her friends didn't support her and said she shouldn't pursue this goal:
“The Gratitude and Appreciation I Have For Her Are Hard to Put Into Words”

“I started with Ingrid Barclay in July 2012

“Walking in, I was a very unhappy and unhealthy 19-year-old girl. My confidence was at an all-time low and although I didn’t think I was really overweight, I knew I had to do something.

“Turns out, I was unaware of how unhealthy I actually was. I remember my first consultation with Ing and immediately knew this wasn’t going to be a 12-week course.

“We decided to take a little bit of a different approach to my training and fat loss. We focused mainly on improving my netball and having a goal of playing B grade in the 2013 season.

“Having a sporting focus, I was able to see my improvements on the netball week after week. This made me stay on track a lot easier than focussing purely on my fat loss.

“Most of my training is with Ing and once I had a bit of strength, we started power training. The power training we did over the off-season has made the biggest change to my netball game this year!

“The feeling of being strong, quick, and light on my feet is more of a reward to me than any fat loss.

“A year later and my whole lifestyle has changed. I am happier, I am more confident, I never thought I would say I love box jumps or pushing weighted sleds.

“I am playing B grade for my netball club (YAYYY! – Goal achieved!), I have seen a MASSIVE change in body shape and probably most importantly my attitude towards everything has completely changed!

“I cannot thank Ingrid enough for the knowledge and support she has given me over the last year. The gratitude and appreciation I have for her are hard to put into words.

“All I can say is that I look forward to continuing training into the future and hopefully competing for the first time in 2014!!”

– Kate Dosen, Geelong

“I’m Happy to Say I Won My First Competition in the Novice Section”

“I began training with Ingrid 6 months before my first competition.

“The training was incredibly brutal and the dieting wasn’t much better.

“Ingrid compiled my routine and sorted out my posing for me.

“By contest day I was both physically and mentally prepared.
“I’m happy to say I won my first competition in the Novice section, so I was stoked.

“To her credit, Ingrid tried twice to find me a personal trainer in Warrnambool but they simply weren't comparable. I had to go back to Ingrid both times.

“Ingrid is a wonderful coach, friend, and confidant. I don't want to compete again but I am glad I ticked it off my bucket list. That is Ingrid - she will get you where you want to go."

– Maria Beatton, Warrnambool

“I Achieved What I Wanted and Feel
Much Fitter and Much Stronger”

"Upon meeting Ingrid, I was quite intimidated at first.

“She is a strong, smart, and intelligent girl who doesn't muck around. I knew this was what I needed.

“Going at it alone hadn't been working and I needed regular training times where I was expected to turn up.

“I did her "10 Week Fat Loss Course" which meant mostly high energy carbohydrates mostly around training times and was weight training based.

“I achieved what I wanted and feel much fitter and much stronger. I have my motivation and "spark" back. I am already into my next training block."

– Sue Nikolovski, Highton

“I’ve Blown All My PB’s Out of the Water!”

"I want to say a great big thank you 🙏. I have not only improved my body composition and feel very proud of my achievements but also managed to put the scales away and not be a slave to them and let them dictate my mood.

“I rely on my clothes and measurements now to guide me. Most importantly, I’ve got much greater control of my emotional eating.

“Finally, and most exciting for me, I’ve blown all my PB’s out of the water! I’m now squatting 85kgs when I started at 50 kg. My deadlift started at 40 kg and is now 87.5 kg, bench press from 30 kg to 50 kg, and leg press from 100 kg to 220 kg.

“I’ve appreciated your honesty and straightforward approach as it has really resonated with me and your personal experience you are so willing to share inspires me.”

– Donna Bridges, Melbourne

Do I need to be fit, strong, and lean to do this weekend?

Absolutely not.

The whole idea is to improve yourself as a trainee…

And if you’re at a beginner level, that’s fine.

Everything we’ll do will be around your capabilities and current situation.

In fact, some of the people that join my workshops are quite overweight and unfit.

No problem!

There is zero judgment here because I’ve been weak and extremely overweight myself.

I have an injury. Can I still join the workshop?

Unless the injury is a broken leg, in which case I would opt for another time, the answer is yes!

Of course, there may be things we need to work around, but that’ll have minimal impact on the weekend’s information.

In fact, it won’t impact the materials on mindset, (emotional) eating, and career coaching (if you’re a PT or want a CV) whatsoever.

That said, it would be good to discuss any injuries you have during our call.

Where will I sleep?

You’ll be staying and living with me in my lovely and modern home…

And you’ll have your own private room with a private toilet and bathroom, including a deluxe bath.

(You’re going to LOVE the bath, and if you want, we can even turn it into an ice bath.)

Here’s the room in which you’ll be sleeping:

How do I get started?

That part’s easy.

Simply click the button below to schedule your free consultation.

From there, we’ll jump on the phone…

I’ll give you valuable insights you can instantly use to enhance your health and fitness results…

And we can discuss the details of this workshop and figure out whether it’s the right thing for you.

So click the button below and let’s do this!

“You Are Not Just a Coach to Me – You Are My Sister, My Life-Saver, and My Angel”

"Ingrid, you were my guarding (sic) Angel who saved my whole life by enlightening me to the right way and waking my mind up, opening my eyes to my real self-worth and my potential.

"You are not just a coach to me - you are my sister, my life-saver, and my Angel. I wish I can be there for you and give you back some of the amazing things you gave me so far.

“And last thing, from the bottom of my heart, I love you and I am grateful I have you in my life ❤️."

– Nada Gaza, Canberra

“From the Minute I Met Ingrid I Felt Confident That This Woman Knew Her Stuff and That I Couldn’t Be in Better Hands to Help Me Achieve My Goal”

“It was Ingrid's encouragement, direction, and knowledge that kept me on track to succeed.

“She checked in with me weekly to track my progress. She gave me weekly meal plans that were specifically tailored to me and my needs. And her one-hour one-on-one personal training sessions over the 10 weeks taught me more than I've learnt in 10 years. Such a wealth of knowledge!

“Given it was my first comp, I won’t lie, I felt nervous about the process and what to expect as the unknown daunted me.

“Thankfully Ingrid gave me some excellent reference material that I was able to read in my own time that took me through the process step by step.

“The books Figure it Out & All Figured Out have been beautifully written by Ingrid herself and really assisted me with the 1,000 questions I had.

“If you're thinking about competing or merely wanting to increase your health and fitness, I can't recommend Ingrid enough!

“I certainly exceeded my own expectations of what I thought I could achieve by placing in both the Sport Model and Fitness Model category thanks to Ingrid. Stop procrastinating and take the leap. It will pay off tenfold.”

– Sophie Montgomery, Geelong. Lost 6 kilos and 7% body fat in 9 weeks

“Ingrid is Diligent in Her
Pursuit of Getting Results”

“I have been fortunate to have trained with Ingrid during different phases of my life for more than 12 years. Ingrid was first recommended to me after watching a body-building competition and deciding that I could do that.

“We had a very successful partnership over this time where I went from around 30% body fat to on stage at around 5%.

“The care, management, and dedication to me as an athlete were amazing and I went from having a dream to fulfilling that thanks to Ingrid because without her there is no way it would have become a reality.

“Fast forward a few years and we find ourselves back together again, this time with my dreams being Triathlon and an Ironman.

“When I first started this pursuit, I suffered a setback called a torn Achilles. As a 50-year-old athlete, this was not great. However, after two years of rehabilitation, I am back. But when all this first happened my first thought was who can help me. It was a no-brainer. A call to Ingrid took place and the rest is history.

“It wasn’t just about fitness it was about weaknesses in the rest of my body created by the injury and also some compensation injury also. Ingrid’s knowledge in this area is amazing. We worked hard on strength and flexibility in the areas that required it and what was required for the disciplines of triathlon and the training involved.

“Ingrid is diligent in her pursuit of getting results, and although Triathlon was not a sport she had lots of knowledge about, her knowledge of strength and relating it back is to any sport and I also know that if she doesn’t know she will have the resources to learn.

“My Ironman is in Cairns in 2022 so this is a work in progress for us but the improvements that are being made are significant and I know that while I’m working with Ingrid as my strength coach I will be on that start line in June.”

– Wendy Chirgwin, Melton

“I Feel More Knowledgeable”

“I was feeling really unfit and tubby and wasn't comfortable wearing any of my clothes.

“I signed on, learned to lift and to eat only unprocessed, unrefined food sources.

“Good fats, first-class sources of protein, plenty of water, and some fruit. I learned what to consume before and after training, which I was doing all wrong before.

“Ingrid is a hard taskmaster but in a patient manner when you are learning good technique.

“I looked forward to my weekly skinfolds because it was confirmation of my good choices all week.

“I liked that she taught me things when we rested, so I understood how things work.

“I feel more knowledgeable and she sent me scientific articles in my weekly emails so I could read for myself.”

– Scott Quarrell, Geelong. Lost 14.5 kilos and 10% body fat in 10 weeks

“You Are So Much More Than ‘Just a Coach’ To Me. You Are a True Friend, a Woman I Love And Respect, and a World-Class Coach, Judge, Trainer, and Wealth of Knowledge”

“Good Afternoon Ingrid. I just wanted to take the time to write my thoughts on our comp prep.

“This is the second season we have worked together and we made a decision early on to aim for the World!! Literally!

“Our plan was to compete at my state comp, on to the nationals, and finally culminate in a trip to the WFF World Championships on the Gold Coast. And guess what - we did it!!!!

“18 months between competitions meant I had all-over growth and glowing condition that only sound training and nutrition coaching can achieve.

“There were no short-cuts, no uncalculated risks, and no bro-science!! Just honest and sound coaching that included a huge dollop and love and care when things got tough.

“What I love most about working with you, Ingrid, is that you listen to me when I report back to you. I'm not just another name to fob off and I always get a personal response when I ask for one.

“We changed some of our approaches drastically during this prep and you weren't afraid to get a little radical in the end to get me to the final goal.

“When I say 'radical,' I don't mean stupid or idiotic (think hours of cardio and/or no food!). In fact, it was quite the opposite - more food, less cardio, and way better results.

“I have to be honest and say that the most valuable tool you gave me was the push to listen to my own body and make some of my own decisions about my food intake in the last weeks.

“To clarify, this is my third competition season (over three years) and I am also an avid self-analyser. I have always hungered to learn more and am enthusiastic to implement strategies that may produce even better results.

“You recognised this and nudged me to do it. Not many coaches would be secure enough to allow a trainee to input into their own program. But you did, and I am over the moon that you did!!

“I learned so much and felt such a sense of responsibility to achieve our goals. My motivation was at an all-time high!

“So the outcome? Fifth in the WFF World Championships! FIFTH!! In a line-up that truly was World Class. I couldn't be happier with my outcome and I could not be happier sharing the spotlight with you.

“You are so much more than 'just a coach' to me. You are a true friend, a woman I love and respect, and a world-class coach, judge, trainer, and wealth of knowledge. I am honoured to be part of your team.

“All of my love.”

– Kirsten Engels, Katherine. 5th Place WFF World Champs, 2014

“I Achieved My Bodybuilding Goals and Then Some and Even Got Invited to Compete at the IFBB World Championships!”

"I can’t thank Ingrid and her team for her coaching help over the past two years. Ingrid is a wonderful coach, and caring individual. 

"She kept me accountable and helped me prep for three bodybuilding shows. I also travelled from Kalgoorlie to Geelong to stay with Ingrid and get some training assistance.

She is an awesome coach and improved my technique out of sight. I even competed in my first ever powerlifting competition whilst I was over there at PTC – Frankston.

"I achieved my bodybuilding goals and then some and even got invited to compete at the IFBB World Championships! I will be forever grateful for Ingrid’s coaching and friendship."

– Athena Millar, Kalgoorlie